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This project invites university researchers and school teachers to develop teaching materials for teachers’ reference.




Mr. Lau Pok

Bean DNA marker protocol

Here are some suggested investigation topic. Related teaching material will be uploaded to this page soon.

•    To study the effects of light on the morphology and chlorophyll production of germinating seed. 

•    Cultivate half soybean with sufficient light and half without light, record at day 3,5,7. Compare the hypocrite of soybean growth with and without light.

The effect of nitrogen fixing bacteria in soybean growth

•    Cultivate soybean in hydroponic system, inoculate Rhizobia, observe the growth of nodules and plants.


Soybean Growth with Rhizobium

  • Cultivate wild and cultivated soybean with time intervals. Select suitable flower for crossing. Collect seeds 1 month after cross pollination performed. 


Identification of positive progenies by morphology and DNA markers

  • DNA marker will be performed to check crossing results.

Examples of Soybean DNA Markers


Compare fermentation result use different bacteria

•    To use different bacteria (e.g. bacteria for yogurt/ bread) to produce soy sauce  

Investigation of the pH value in different soybean products 

  • Compare the pH value of homemade soy milk with the preserved soy milk, find out the factor that affect pH result of those product.

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