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Workshop on 18 Jan 2020

Crossing Guideline

Step 1

Identify available parent flowers

  • Female Parent Flower: unopened flower bud with the petals just showing above the sepals​

  • Male Parent Flower: freshly opened flower

Female Parent Flower
Female Parent Flower

Unopened flower bud with the petals just showing above the sepals

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Male Parent Flower
Male Parent Flower

Freshly opened flower

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Step 2

Select one female parent flower, remove all other flowers and buds at the node


Step 3

Remove sepals, petals and stamens of the female parent flower

remove sepal petal.png
remove stamen.png

Step 4

Pick one male parent flower, expose and transfer the anthers to the top of the stigma of female parent flower

expose anther.png
transfer anthers.png

Step 5

Wrap the female parent flower with plastic wrap, use a pin to fix the wrap


Step 6

Attach a tap at the node, the tag should state female parent plant, male parent plan and date  (assigned numbering is optional)

attach tap.png

Step 7

Open the wrap 5-7 day later, see if pod was formed

check pod.png

Step 8

Collect mature pod after 1 month