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Our Goal:

  • Promote STEAM education in secondary schools through investigations of soybean cultivation.


Our Objectives:

  • Students learn and apply (i) biology concepts in relation to soybean cultivation; (ii) science and engineering practices for science and engineering inquiry; (iii) skills of using DNA markers and cross-breeding soybeans;

  • Students realize and appreciate (i) the roles of various STEAM elements in smart soybean cultivation and soybean- industry; (ii) the importance of soybean as protein food and feed and its economic significance to China and the world;

  • Develop teaching and learning resources using frontier research in soybean cultivation;

  • Develop a framework for STEAM teaching and foster the competency of secondary teachers in designing and conducting STEAM education, especially for senior level biology.

Project Timeline:

Project Leaders

HML photo_edited.jpg

Professor Hon-Ming LAM

School of Life Sciences,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Kwok Chi Victor Lau

Dr Kwok-Chi Victor LAU

Department of Curriculum and Instruction,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Our Team

Our Collaborators


Our Sponsors

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