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Germination study - Dark and Light 


  • To study the effects of light on the morphology and chlorophyll production of germinating seed. 


  • Soybean (same variety) 

  • Plastic Cups or flower pots 

  • Potting soil or Paper towels 

  •  Water 

  • Light blocking material 


  1. Select 4 soybeans as the variable and 4 soybeans as the control.  

  2. Place each set of soybeans on paper towel.   

  3. Dampen each paper towel with same amount of water.   

  4. Cultivate one set of soybean with sufficient light; Cultivate one set of soybean without light 

  5. Check paper towels daily and moisten as needed.  (seed will be considered ungerminated after 1 week of no growth) 

  6. After the seeds germinate, growth will be determined by measuring the height of the plant.  

Reference video:  

Plants in Motion Light vs. Darkness 

Reference photos

Measurement at day 9

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