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3 July 2018 – Students Sharing Session

After four months of soybean propagation, teachers and students from 13 participating schools gathered in CUHK to share on their cultivation experience, interesting findings and difficulties encountered. Despite being a first-time farmer, all schools successfully propagated new soybean seeds. Prof. Lam and teachers were also impressed by the depth of observation and analyses done by the students as some of them have sharings on the impacts of different growing environment, length of daylight, and even diagnosed possible infections and pests.


To deepen students’ understanding to the challenges faced by China, as well as global agriculture, Prof. Lam also gave a mini-lecture on the theme “Water for Living”. The comprehensive mini-lecture prepared the students for the 2nd Phase of the STEAM@Soybean Project, by explaining on importance of fresh water, and summarizing on China’s water engineering projects.

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