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Teacher Training Workshop – DNA Extraction and DNA Marker

During Phase 2 of the STEAM@Soybean Project, students were expected to develop their own investigation or innovation plan on soybean cultivation based on their observation and experience in Phase 1. To kick-start Phase 2, a teacher training workshop was organized on 19 June 2021 to equip teachers the necessary knowledge and skills in further scientific investigation with soybean.

One workshop was on DNA markers. Participants learnt the basics of DNA Markers, how to use DNA markers to identify Legumes, as well as future prospect of the technology. Apart from the listening to talks, helpers from Prof. Lam’s Lab also demonstrated to participants real application of PRC & Gel loading, meanwhile visualized successful results using pre-run gels.


Workshop 6_19_V2
Download PPTX • 13.91MB
DNA markers QEF 6_19_V2
Download PPTX • 1.52MB

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