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18 January 2020 – STEAM@Soybean 2019 Breeding Workshop

In January 2020, the project has come to the 3rd Phase – Investigation. This year, students would have a taste in the current research project Prof. Lam’s research team is working on. They will try to cross breed the disease-resistant soybean cultivars in South Africa with the stress-resistant soybean cultivar developed by Prof. Lam, to develop a new soybean cultivar for the use in reviving South Africa’s marginal lands.

In the preparation workshop, Prof. Lam first introduced on the theoretical basis, and the conventional & modern technologies of seed breeding, including crossing, radiation, GM and genome editing. Ms. Ling Wong, research associate of Prof. Lam’s Lab then demonstrated on-site the crossing techniques. Participating students showed great interest in the breeding exercise, and were all excited to kick-start their own breeding research at schools.

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