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Soybean is closely related to human life and can be serviced as food and seasonings. We can even extract soybean fiber from soybean as industrial material. The following will provide reference materials for teachers and students to further understand the usage of soybeans and how to embody the liberal art elements from this project.



This video was hosted by Professor Liang Mei Yee, Director of General Education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and lectured by Professor Lam Hon Ming, Professor Lau Ngar-cheung, and Professor Francisco Cisternas.

In this lecture, Professor Lam will start with the scientific evidence of climate change, use historical observations and computer models, and quote the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) data to summarize the global climate change situation.


Professor Lam will then deeply analyze the relationship between climate change and food security, discuss whether climate smart agriculture can be used to break the vicious circle of increasing agricultural production and aggravating global warming. Apart from government policies and scientific research, what role can producers and consumers play in the balance of global climate change and food security? Professor Cisternas will let the audience reflect on how willing they are to change their consumption habits to alleviate global warming.


In this teacher training workshop, Professor Lam introduced the relationship between our project, STEAM@Soybean and the DSE curriculum. 

In addition, Professor Lam also suggested many different class activities that related to science and soybean.  

Video of the talk will be uploaded soon. 

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