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7 Mar 2018 – Teacher Training Workshop

To prepare for the launch of the STEAM@Soybean project, a training workshop was organized on 7 March, 2018 for teachers from 13 participating schools. Prof. Lam and his Lab Research Associate Ms. Ling Wong introduced on the technical details of soybean cultivation. Ms. Vicky Lau from Produce Green Foundation also shared with the teachers on problems of plant cultivation encountered in schools.

After the workshop, teachers got back schools with a bag of wild-like and cultivated-like soybean seeds, as well as a plate of rhizobia prepared by Prof. Lam’s lab. Students then started their soybean propagation in the Schools’ garden, science lab, rooftop or a relative’s farm with excitement and care, all looking forward to the fruitful result after 4 months.

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