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18 January 2020 – Public Seminar on STEAM@Soybean

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

On  18 January 2020, Prof. Hon-Ming LAM hosted a public science seminar with the title of “Using soybean as an example to study biology cum STEAM@soybean QEF project”. More than a hundred local high school teachers and students joined the seminar.

In the seminar, Prof. Lam used the crop soybean as an example to show how students could learn the concept of growth and development, life cycle of an annual plant, genetics, and biotechnology. Symbiotic nitrogen fixation by soybean could be used to illustrate the importance of microorganisms; Global issues such as food security, agriculture, and sustainability could also be addressed.

Besides, the seminar introduced the new QEF project “STEAM@Soybean” that connects STEAM activities to soybean research in Hong Kong. This project aims to bring value education to science activities, and will be led by Prof. Lam and Prof. Victor Lau.

Interested schools could register online to join the QEF project.

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