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15-20 July 2019 – Gansu Exchange Tour

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

With hands-on experience of soybean propagation in the 1st phase of the STEAM@Soybean project, the secondary school students joined an exchange tour to Gansu for an in-depth learning of how science & technology incorporates with agriculture development in China.

During the trip, students visited various agricultural research stations, including Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the CUHK-CAU Joint Experimental Station for Water-saving in Agriculture. They also had the valuable chance to witness the large scale soybean and pepper farm of a world-famous food company. There, they became a half-day researcher to observe and record on the soybean’s growth characteristics.

The students also visited experimental fields of Prof. Hon Ming Lam and his collaborator, on intercropping of stress-resistance soybean with fruit-trees, and the project of developing soybean as forage.

Here are some students reflection from the Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School.

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