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14 August 2020 – Teacher Training Workshop

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

With the success of the STEAM@Soybean in 2019, this education project was re-launched in Jan 2019 as STEAM@Soybean 2020, and has successfully recruited 20 local secondary schools as participating schools.

A teacher training workshop was organised on 14 August  to kick-start the new round of project. However, in view of the latest development of the epidemic in Hong Kong the workshop was held in zoom. Prof. Hon Ming Lam first introduced the relationship between this STEAM education Project and the DSE curriculum. Furthermore, Prof. Lam also suggested many different class activities to teachers. The project team then introduced this interactive website and the informative Soybean Handbook to teachers. Also encourage them to discuses and ask questions in the online forum and feel free to download any materials provided in the website.

The slides are available HERE

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